Youth concept

Basic idea

Sport is an important building block in the socialisation of children, teenagers and young adults. With its youth teams and coaches, the Nuremberg Basketball Club e. V. therefore aims not only to mould talent, but also to support and promote the personal development of its young athletes. In order to ensure that these two developments - sporting and personal - are based on a sound foundation, the NBC youth concept is based on the following principles
basis, this concept was developed.

This concept is intended to serve as a guide for coaches, parents, carers and athletes, to help them understand the context and to give them the opportunity to look up specific goals.

Only with this understanding of the processes and ideas behind the NBC's youth work can a lively sports community and the joy of basketball be created for children and young people.

In addition to individual sporting skills and successes, the explicit aim is to promote the group experience in the team and thus the development of social skills in the children - both at grassroots sport level and at competitive sport level.


Scheduled teaching of the sport of basketball

Age groups

The merger of Franken Hexern and BBC in 2010 has created an ideal starting position for the youth work of the Nuremberg Basketball Club. The example of recent years shows that all interested children can be integrated into the relevant age group (consisting of two age groups in each case) and thus both a grassroots sport and a competitive sport (NBBL, JBBL and U14Byl) can mutually benefit from each other.
So entsteht die Möglichkeit die Kinder frühzeitig optimal zu fördern und ihnen auch Spaß und die Freude am Sport, die nur durch regelmäßigen Spielbetrieb entsteht, vermitteln zu können.

The following teams take part in match operations:

U10 mixed
U12 mixed
U14-1 male (Bayernliga)
U14-2 mixed
U16 male (JBBL + Bezirksoberliga)
U18 male (Bezirksoberliga)


The aim of basketball training is to do justice to the current level of development and abilities of the child/young person and to offer the appropriate forms of training and incentives. The player's full potential should therefore be able to develop optimally. In addition, the players should be trained in terms of their personality and teamwork skills. Values such as punctuality, respect, reliability and tidiness should be an integral part of youth work alongside sports training.
Individually optimised support enables individual and, above all, team success!

Focus of the teams

U-10/ U-12

Players for the U-12s are recruited on the one hand through measures such as primary school festivals, which take place several times a year, or as part of the SAGs (sports working groups with schools), and on the other hand through try-outs, which are also held annually. Depending on the performance level and number of players, two teams are formed by the coaches, who train together.

  • Promoting the joy of movement, sport and play
  • coordinative basics
  • Communicating the idea of the game Scoring and preventing baskets
  • Uniform learning of the most important offensive and defensive techniques (throwing, basketball, different types of passing, dribbling, basic defence, etc.)
  • Simplified interpretation of rules


The U-14 players are also selected through annual try-outs, but are also drawn from the previous U-12 age groups. Participation in the Bayernliga increases the demands on the players and therefore also on the coaches and the environment. In order to provide all players with the right amount of match practice, a district upper league team is also entered if required.

  • Consolidation of all techniques learnt
  • Reduced basic training (endurance, strength, speed)
  • Targeted training of coordination skills
  • Teaching the most important tactical variations
  • Position-specific training
  • Precise interpretation of the rules
  • Learning the tasks at the judges' table (24sec., cover letter, display)
  • Advice on personal hygiene (request/encourage showering together after training + games

U-16 (JBBL + Bezirksoberliga)

The NBC's JBBL team (Jugend Basketball Bundesliga) is primarily aimed at extremely talented players and is trained accordingly. By participating in the JBBL, the NBC's U-16s see themselves primarily as a team for players with a dual licence who are looking for the additional challenge of the German Youth Basketball League alongside training and league play at their home club.

Despite the division into home and JBBL teams, it is important to strengthen the players' sense of togetherness through targeted training content and joint activities. These players are selected through a try-out at the start of the season and on the recommendation of the responsible coach. In cooperation with the Bertolt-Brecht-Schule (partner school for competitive sports), some of the U-16 players receive individual training as part of the school's training programme. In addition, if necessary, a district upper league team is entered in order to provide all players with match practice.

  • Consolidation of all techniques learnt
  • Reduced basic training (endurance, strength, speed)
  • Targeted training of coordination skills
  • Position-specific training
  • Special, regular teaching of individual plays and moves
  • Intensified preparation for matches and opponents

U-18 and U-20 (district league)

Like the JBBL team, the U-18s also see themselves as a team for dual-licence players and pupils from Bertolt-Brecht-Schule. Here too, despite the different home clubs, a sense of togetherness should develop over the course of the season, which will allow the talented individual players to become a sporting unit. The squad is also put together through try-outs.

  • Introduction to the senior sector (Bayernliga)
  • Consolidation of all techniques
  • Intensified basic training (strength, endurance, speed)
  • Individual, position-specific training
  • Special, regular teaching of play and moves
  • Intensified preparation for matches and opponents

Qualified trainers

Trainers and managers

All coaches are appointed by the NBC sports management before the start of the season and preparations. Highly qualified coaches should successfully represent all sporting standards as well as the social values of the club. All coaches and managers act as figureheads for the club and as role models for the teams, parents and spectators. Accordingly, it is important to exemplify the desired behaviour.

  • Punctuality
  • Tidiness
  • Respect for parents, referees, spectators and athletes
  • Fun with sport and team sports
  • Cohesion within the team and the club as a whole

These points can and should be achieved through the following central points:

  • As much communication as possible with the children/young people
  • Openness to personal problems
  • Seek and maintain contact with parents, especially in the younger teams (joint meetings before the start of the season, etc.)
  • Announce dates in good time - for U-10, U-12 and U-14 also in writing for parents if necessary
  • Exemplify/communicate social behaviour
  • Promote and offer targeted joint activities outside of training
  • Don't organise spontaneously planned training sessions, but rather long-term, well-planned sessions

The sporting goals and standards should be reviewed and, if necessary, corrected through regular meetings of all coaches. Despite all sporting success and pressure to perform, the health and academic progress of the children and young people are paramount. Any problems that arise should therefore be addressed by the parents and taken seriously by the coaches.

The athlete is at the centre of every event, be it training, a match or a team outing. The coach must feel committed to this athlete. The following applies in principle:

Human dignity always has priority in training and competition (BBV code of honour for basketball coaches)

The quality of the coaches' work and the way they interact with the children and young people shape the sporting development and lifelong attitude to club life of each individual child.

Development of personality structures

Basketball as an opportunity to develop personal and social skills

  • Responsibility for yourself and others
  • Self-assessment/critical faculties
  • Self-confidence
  • Assessing and dealing with failures
  • Goal-orientated work
  • Classification in hierarchies, critical scrutiny, discussion culture
  • Determination/discipline

Team sport as an opportunity to convey general values

  • Honesty
  • Punctuality
  • Tidiness
  • Hygiene
  • reliability
  • Sense of responsibility

Joint success with a clear division of roles

A clear allocation of roles creates security, prevents conflicts and enables individual potential to be optimally utilised.

The tasks of the trainer

See Qualified trainers

The tasks of the parents

Parents are important supporters of the team and the club. Co-operation with the coaches and those responsible is an important prerequisite for the success of the Nuremberg Basketball Club's youth basketball concept. Parents have a variety of tasks to fulfil at different age groups.

  • Driving the team to away games
  • Organisation of jersey washing
  • Organising and supporting the sale of coffee and cakes at home matches
  • Team support for all teams during matches

In all age groups, parents have a role model function on the sidelines. They should cheer on and support their athletes in the hall without denying the coach sporting competence or insulting the referee/opponent. The children and young people are also the responsibility and care of the coach during the game. Influencing coaches or players is not permitted during the game.

The players' tasks

No concept, no matter how good, can succeed without committed children and young people, which is why certain principles apply to all players.

  • Consistent participation in training and matches (unmotivated behaviour does not primarily harm the coach, but rather the team).
    friends and fellow players)
  • Apologies for absences (cancellations should always be made by telephone and in good time so that the trainers can prepare optimal sessions)
  • Assignment to the judging panel (24sec., letter, display) for other teams of the club, always according to classification
  • Punctuality during training, matches and judging
  • Reliability in all tasks
  • Respect for the referee and the opponent
  • Pfleglicher Umgang mit dem Trainingsequipment und –hallen
  • Order in the cabins, showers and on the respective school grounds

The Nürnberger Basketball Club e.V. stands for fairness in sport and respectful interaction with coaches, opponents, referees and parents on and off the court!

Every player, coach, support staff, official and all parents are representatives of their team and should represent the club through their positive behaviour!

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