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The origins of the NBC e.V. lie in the basketball department of DJK Falke Nürnberg e.V. (founded in 1922), which was founded in 1967 and headed by Fritz Böhme for many years.

The sporting development there led to the second Bundesliga in 1996 and then to the insolvency of Falke-Basket GmbH in 2001, with the result that the licence for the 2nd Bundesliga that had been won at the time could not be applied for. After a long and tough struggle, an agreement was reached for the 2001/02 season with a new sponsor and NorisBasket GmbH.

However, the grassroots sport of the basketball department, with its 270 members, had since been burdened with this stigma from the professional sector and was no longer sufficiently supported by the main club. As a result, the conviction gradually grew that both sporting and financial development could be better realised in a separate club. As early as 2002, a basketball-only club was founded as a preventative measure. Basketball-Club Nürnberg (BBC Nürnberg)with the 1st board member, Michael Adamczewski.
In May 2003, the members of DJK Falke's basketball department moved to Basketball-Club Nürnberg. Unfortunately, this meant that all the sporting successes of the amateurs in the 2003/04 season had to be regained and all the equipment (e.g. balls, jerseys, etc.) had to be purchased again.

Basketball Club Nuremberg

Sporting development in the entire district of Middle Franconia was also to be better realised through a performance structure, and so the FRANKEN HEXER were founded in 2002 with board members Herbert Geishöfer and Michael Adamczewski

Franken Hexer

The Franken Hexer started as a "joint project between several clubs in Central Franconia to promote young basketball talent". The newly founded club began with a men's team in the lowest league (district division) as well as a male U16 and U18 team. The men's teams were also explicitly designed for young players.

In just its second season, the U16 men's team came fourth at the German Championships with players including Sajmen Hauer and Bastian Doreth. From this point onwards, the Hexers regularly sent players to the junior national teams. This was followed by numerous promotions of the men's team up to the 2nd regional league in the following seasons. In the 2006/2007 season, the club was also a founding member of the Junior Basketball Bundesliga(NBBL), 2009 also in the JBBL. Following Falke's relegation to the ProB, the Hexers took over their team for the 2008/2009 season as well as the second division licence, which had in the meantime ended up with Franken 1st Nürnberg Basketballgesellschaft mbH. The second division team operated under the name Franken Hexer.

As Brose Baskets Bamberg's financial commitment to the ProB team from Nuremberg was deemed insufficient, professional basketball in Nuremberg was on the brink of collapse during the 2009 summer break. It was only after a new main sponsor was found shortly before the start of the season that the team's return to the ProB was finalised. As a result, the professional team was transferred to Nürnberger Basketballclub NBC GmbH. All other teams continued to compete as Franken Hexer in close co-operation with NBC GmbH.

Im Mai 2010 fand ein Verschmelzungsvertrag zwischen dem BBC Nürnberg e.V. und den Franken Hexer e.V. unter neuem Namen statt:

Nürnberger Basketball Club

This was also intended to put an end to the "name confusion" and give professional basketball in Nuremberg a solid basis in popular sport. This was consolidated with corresponding cooperation agreements between the NBC e.V. and the professional team of the same name in NBC GmbH.

In June 2016, the main sponsor unexpectedly withdrew and professional basketball in Nuremberg came to an abrupt end. The JBBL and NBBL licences were transferred to NBC e.V. as a precaution. Contrary to initial reports, the decision was made at the beginning of July to continue the professional team under the name Nürnberg Falcons BC from the 2016/17 season onwards, allowing the licence of Nürnberger Basketball GmbH to be transferred to the newly founded Nürnberg Falcons BC GmbH.

Last but not least, the hall problems in Nuremberg were the cause of this unpleasant development. The hall at the Vocational Training Centre (BBZ) no longer met the requirements of the Bundesliga and, after a long struggle, a temporary solution for the new season was found at Nuremberg Airport in the form of a movable tent-like event hall. The sporting promotion to the Bundesliga 1 could not be realised in 2019 because the general conditions were inadequate. However, this increased the pressure on the city of Nuremberg to finally build an adequate venue in Nuremberg, which actually materialised in 2021 with the KIA Metropol Arena.
At the start of the 2019/20 season, the Nuremberg Falcons announced that they had concluded a cooperation agreement with the Tornados Franken in the youth sector. The NBBL licence was then transferred from the NBC e.V. to the Nürnberg Falcons and only the JBBL was continued in the NBC e.V.
The cooperation agreement concluded between NBC e.V. and Nürnberg Falcons BC GmbH in June 2016 was then terminated by the Falcons' managing director on 30 June 2020.

The 2020/21 season was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which caused major problems for the club and all sports activities. Not least because of this, the JBBL could no longer be maintained at the NBC.





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